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HED Raptor 29 Tubeless Wheelset

Roval CLX 50 Disc wheelset
Bright Label
Campagnolo Bora ONE 50 Clincher Wheelset
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The HED Raptor 29 Tubeless Wheelset is the result of about 35 years of innovation.
Categories: Wheels, HED

The HED Raptor 29 Tubeless Wheelset is the result of about 35 years of innovation. These larger 29-inch cross country wheels are ideal for efficient speed on race day or for a training session. The Raptor wheels are known for being lightweight, durable, and advanced engineering that enhances the quality of every ride. They are ideal for use with 2 inch or 2.5 inch tires. Tubeless clincher tires are compatible with these cross country wheels. The 29-inch version of these wheels are the best option to quickly get up to high speeds and fly through single tracks and trails.

These wheels are made with a specific spoke pattern that counteracts the push, pull, left, and right forces that are placed on the rims. Because of this balance, the Raptor wheels are even and consistent around the full wheel. This technology avoids any uneven strain on the wheel, allowing HED to create a lighter and stronger rim. Each rim is made with 148 hand-laid sheets of carbon fiber for a precise, lightweight, and stiff build. These wheels are ready to use with HED Brick House Hubs, Onyx Hubs, or Industry Nine Hydra Hubs. The HED Raptor 29 Tubeless Wheelset is a key to cross country dominance.

Rim Material
Full Carbon (380 grams)
Rim Width
25mm internal; 31mm external
Axle Spacing
15x110mm Boost (front); 12x148mm Boost (rear)
28 Saplm Laser Spokes
Brake Compatibility
Disc Brake (centerlock)
Hub Compatibility
HED Brick House, Onyx, Industry Nine Hydra