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Alan Bike Shop 100% real in Banjarmasin City. Alan Bike Shop sells model bicycles : Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, Triathlon Bikes, Wheels, Bike Frame, Parts and Groupsets. If you are interested please immediately make purchases on our company website. Or you can also make purchases directly in our company. Alan Bike Shop Founded in 2018. We started the online bussiness for provide our costumers service.

Alan Bike Shop has a mission: to give consumers and businesses what they want, when they want it. We never stop improving our world-class operations by putting our customers - and their needs first. And we believe that it is our vision and mission to provide innovative products with the best service and most competitive prices possible to improve our clients' business. As a result, customers and consumers around the world will reward us with leadership sales, profit, and value creation, enabling our people and the communities in which we live and work to prosper. We believe our business is built on relationships with our customers, partners, investors, employees and with the communities in which we live and work. To keep those relationships strong, our goals are simply stated: not to deceive customers, not to harm consumers and always provide the best products at the best prices.



  1. Super Fast Delivery.
  2. Secure online shopping.
  3. Large product range from leading brands.
  4. Good stocks of niche, hard to find items.
  5. Free shipping on most Indonesian orders.
  6. Regular promotions offering unbeatable prices throughout the year.
  7. We have the best and most experienced sales people, fitters and mechanics.
  8. Friendly customer service, either by telephone or email, both before and after sales.