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ENVE M930 27 Chris King Wheelset

Roval CLX 50 Disc wheelset
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Campagnolo Bora ONE 50 Clincher Wheelset
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Their ENVE M930 wheelset is designed to exceed the wheels they built that landed on World Cup podiums and scored two rainbow jerseys.
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ENVE doesn’t take a crown and champagne to mean it’s time to party. They take it as inspiration to return to the drawing board. Their M930 wheelset is designed to exceed the wheels they built that landed on World Cup podiums and scored two rainbow jerseys. And the M930 does that, in both 27.5” and 29” diameters.

The wheels are designed to be tough. So tough you can damage the rim and keep going. They designed and manufacture in house a Protective Rim Strip and install it on their M730, M735, and M930 wheels. It’s a molded plastic material that is a bit softer than the carbon-fiber rim, and is installed over the rim itself. It is essential to the wheel. The strip works in place of tubeless tape and also protects the rim from impact damage, as the material goes over the carbon-fiber rim walls. It results is a 10-20% improvement in impact strength. Much like ENVE’s other carbon-fiber mountain bike rims, the strip has a central trough and then lips on either side that help keep the bead from moving around when air pressure is low.

Underneath the rim strip is, as the name suggests, a rim designed for 90% descending, that’s the 9 of the name, and with a 30mm internal width. The external width is 40mm and the rim depth is 27mm. The shape is laterally stiff and has some vertical compliance to it.

The rim is laced with 32 J-bend DT Swiss Competition double-butted spokes laced in a cross-two pattern. These spokes are strong and durable and are great at being overloaded and not failing.

There are two hub options, DT Swiss 240 and Chris King.

DT Swiss, the 240 model, a light, super-reliable design that runs on smooth, durable bearings. Six-Bolt rotor mounting is available. The cassette body is either a Shimano/SRAM-compatible design or a SRAM XD Driver body. The front thru-axle dimensions are 110x20mm, the rear 150x12mm or 157x12mm

Chris King is available in their ISO hub, Six-Bolt Mounting only. The front thru-axle is 110x20mm only, the rear 157x12mm only. Chris King rear hubs come a Shimano/SRAM-compatible cassette body.

Complete wheel weights for Boost wheels are 2059g for the DT Swiss Centerlock in 27.5” and 2162g for 29”. The Chris kind is 2162g and 2265g respectively. That includes the weight of the rim strip, which is already installed. Also included with the wheels are tubeless valves.

ENVE sees wheels as systems. They think of tire widths and suspension as being necessary to understanding how to best design the rim. As a result, they see the M930 working best with tires 2.4” to 2.6” wide, and working best on bikes with 180-200mm of suspension.