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Garmin Vector 3 Double Sided Power Meter Pedals

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Garmin Rally XC200 Power Meter Pedals
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The latest offering from Garmin in their power metering range, the Garmin Vector 3 Double-Sided Power Meter Pedals are entirely redesigned to provide the rider with longer battery life, easy installation, greater cornering clearance and crucially, a more comprehensive and accurate power meter than ever before.
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The new Vector 3 pedal does away with the pod design, housing the delicate sensors internally instead. With no tricky positioning of pods to hinder installation, this pedal is quick and easy to mount and install - much like any other pedal. Redesigned to provide a lower stack height and a cornering clearance of up to 31.7 degrees, you can really lean into that tight flowing sequence of bends without fear, and gain that extra pedal stroke.

With dual-sided sensors accurate to +/-1.0%, the Vector 3 provides you with a measure of how much power you're putting through both pedals. With a battery life-extending up to 120 hours, this power meter solution communicates via ANT+ and Bluetooth, boasting compatibility with a huge number of devices. With the Garmin Connect Mobile App, you can record and monitor a variety of metrics provided by your power data.

Weighing 316 grams and retaining an aerodynamic profile, the Vector 3 pedals are recommended for use by riders weighing up to 105 kilos. Using Keo type cleats supplied with the pedals, this power meter requires minimal adaptation and yields maximum data in conjunction with your Garmin device. Easily switched between bikes at a moment's notice, this simple and hassle-free approach to power is sure to revolutionise the way you train and ride.

Battery type: LR44/SR44 (x4)
Battery life: 120 hours
Weight: 316 g
Max. rider weight: 105 kg
Accuracy: +/- 1.0%
Cleat type: Keo
Q-factor: 53 or 55
Stack height: 11.5 mm
Cornering clearance: 31.7"
Static friction: 1.9
Field calibration
Adjustable release tension
Garmin Connect™
Measurement location: spindle
Communicaiton: ANT+® and Bluetooth®
Communicates with the Garmin Connect™ Mobile app
Installs easily like standard pedals
Measures total power and left/right balance
Sleek design for enhanced cornering clearance
Fully integrates with Garmin cycling devices

Garmin Vector 3 Power Pedals (left/right)
Keo cleats with 6 degrees of float