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Fizik Vento Infinito Carbon 2 Road Shoes

Fizik Infinito X1 MTB Shoes
Garmin Rally XC200 Power Meter Pedals
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With a meticulous design and the highest grade of materials, the Fizik Vento Infinito Carbon 2 Road Cycling Shoes grant performance to the most dedicated and demanding riders within any road riding scenario.
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The upper of the shoe is conceived from a Microtex material that amalgamates strength and suppleness to donate support for efficient power transfer and comfort during the longest rides. This upper is partnered by the Volume Control System that utilises two Li2 BOA dials that fasten separately over the forefoot and the instep for an individual, tailored fit. The upper BOA dial neatly links into a dedicated section of the upper that wraps around the arch of the foot, increasing support to this area for more efficient pedalling.

A full carbon construction forms the R2 outsole, and this is tremendously stiff to ensure that every watt is transferred from the rider to the bike while still being lightweight. Vented and with integrated air channels, this sole keeps the feet cool. At the same time, a more rearwards situated cleat mounting position helps raise pedalling efficiency further while reducing the strain on the knees.

A road racing shoe that prioritises stability, comfort and power transfer
Microtex upper is supple, strong and stable to afford a precise, locked-in feel
Volume Control System utilises two Li2 BOA dials to tighten the instep and forefoot areas individually and spreads pressure equally
A dedicated piece of the upper is linked to the upper BOA dial and ergonomically supports the arch of the foot
R2 full carbon outsole is super light and has a stiffness index of 10 for maximum power transfer
A wide vent and internal air channelling in the outsole keep the feet cool
A cleat position that is slightly further back optimises pedalling efficiency and reduces knee compression
Compatible with the majority of three-bolt cleats and road pedal systems