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Fizik Stabilita Carbon Road Shoes

Fizik Infinito X1 MTB Shoes
Garmin Rally XC200 Power Meter Pedals
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Sitting at the top of Fizik’s road shoe collection, the Stabilita Carbon Road Cycling Shoes utilise the finest materials and amalgamates them via a sophisticated design to offer the rider increased power transfer and comfort.
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Egonomics are a primary requirement of the Stabilita and they satisfy this part of the brief by incorporating the Dynamic Arch Support 2.0 concept. This feature makes use of a fully adjustable system that wraps a supportive band around the arches of the feet, coercing them into an ergonomically optimal position for increased power transfer, heightened comfort and reduced injury. This system is complemented by the Volume Control System that uses two Li2 BOA dials to individually tighten across the instep and forefoot areas for a tailored fit and maximum security.

The R1 outsole is tremendously stiff to translate every watt into a forward motion but remains light thanks to its refined carbon composition. An inbuilt vent and internal channel on the outsole forces air into the shoes to cool and soothe the feet while a more rearwards cleat mounting position helps to optimise pedalling efficiency and reduce the stress on the knees.

A road racing shoe that prioritises foot stability, comfort and power transfer
Adjustable Dynamic Arch Support 2.0 system supports the foot’s plantar fascia and medial arch for increased power transfer and comfort
Volume Control System utilises two Li2 BOA dials to tighten the instep and forefoot areas individually
The upper uses a PU laminated mesh material to support the feet while remaining flexible
R1 full carbon outsole is super light and has a stiffness index of 10 for maximum power transfer
A wide vent and internal air channelling in the outsole keep the feet cool
A cleat position that is slightly further back optimises pedalling efficiency and reduces knee compression
Compatible with the majority of three-bolt cleats and road pedal systems