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2021 BMC Teammachine SLR01 MOD-ICS Carbon Frameset

2023 Yeti SB160 Frame
2021 Specialized S-Works Venge Sagan Collection Frameset
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Manufacturer: BMC Categories: Bike Frames, BMC

With a decade of world-class experience under its belt, the BMC Teammachine SLR01 has become the top choice of climbing bike for some of the fastest riders in the world. Balancing speed, compliance, and control with its incredibly low weight, the Teammachine SLR01 takes steps toward perfection every year. After debuting in 2010. The Teammachine line has seen success at the highest level of competition, winning the Tour de France, Olympics, and many Classics. Still, BMC is working tirelessly to make the Teammachine even better thanks to feedback from professional riders and a supercomputer algorithm that tested tens of thousands of frame variations to settle on the optimal design.

Pros have raved about the geometry of the Teammachine, but it continues to improve. The ACE Technology ran tens of thousands of iterations of the frame over the course of a year to come up with the perfect tube shape and structure for the frame to help its rider find their perfect position for maximum efficiency. The Teammachine comes with more aerodynamics than the typical road bike, taking some hints from the Roadmachine in terms of aero efficiency and riding position. The reshaped fork is designed to offer an extra touch of aerodynamics in an integrated and minimalist component. The cockpit of the Teammachine SLR01 is integrated as well. Please note that the Poison Green colorway version utilizes the standard ICS 2 adjustable two-piece cockpit which lowers the price of the frame while enhancing customization. The other two colors come with the newer ICS Integrated stem, creating one of the most advanced cockpits on the market.

The Teammachine does well wherever it goes. It has no problems handling cobblestone or mountains with speed and precision. This bike has outstanding linear speed but can also turn and corner very well. Using the newest version of BMC’s Tuned Compliance Concept (TCC) and a premium carbon build, it performs well in the toughest conditions. It offers a wide range of vertical flex across difficult terrain. The D-shaped seatpost also offers more compliance than a standard post, helping to reduce muscle fatigue and improve traction control. Regardless of what roads you choose to ride, the BMC Teammachine will keep you feeling fresh.

BMC aimed to improve on the already strong balance of compliance and stiffness at a very light weight. A wider bottom bracket contact area is made possible on this frame due to the redesigned carbon layup and downtube shape. This helps improve the already impressive power transfer that the Teammachine is known for. Despite the move to disc brakes only this year, the Teammachine remains light as ever. Its light weight helps handle those tough climbs while remaining stiff enough for the inevitable sprint. As a result, the Teammachine boasts a very balanced performance that allows for top speeds without becoming difficult to control.

The BMC team realizes that they need to continue to improve each year to stay on top. Winning races is great, but to keep winning, one must evolve. Afre a full decade of constant improvement, they see the Teammachine as a top model for decades to come. With the amount of research and improving that goes into this bike each year, you can be certain that you are getting the best technology BMC has to offer. With the BMC Teammachine SLR01, you will be able to look even the most grueling day of racing or training square in the face with confidence.

Teammachine SLR 01 Premium Carbon with Aerocore Design
ICS Technology
Integrated Aerocore Bottle Cages
Stealth Dropout Design
TCC Race Compliance Level
PF86 Bottom Bracket
12x142mm Thru-Axle
Teammachine SLR 01 Premium Carbon
ICS Technology
TCC Race Compliance Level
Stealth Dropout Design
12x100mm Thru-Axle
48mm Offset (Size 47-51), 43mm Offset (Size 54-61)
ICS Carbon, One-Piece Full Carbon Cockpit
ICS Carbon, One-Piece Full Carbon Cockpit
Teammachine SLR 01 Premium Carbon D-Shaped Seatpost •15mm Offset
2kg (in size 51)